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Cyber Security Governance, Compliance & Risk Management for the rest of us.

We’re bringing simple,efficient and affordable solution to enable small businesses in managing their cyber risk

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Save Yourself Time By Using TitanDef

TitanDef is a comprehensive cyber governance, compliance, and risk management platform designed specifically to help small and medium size businesses identify, evaluate, and manage cybersecurity risk posture via capabilities typically only available to large corporations.

Cyber Inherent Risk Ratings
Enterprise Risk HeatMap
Executive Dashboards
Third Party Cyber Risk Management
Cyber Compliance Management

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TitanDef packages cyber risk assessment methodology and supporting “plan of action” workflows for small/medium sized businesses to achieve quantifiable and measurable cyber improvements.

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TitanDef at a Glance

The world of cybersecurity and cybercrime is rapidly evolving, and companies wonder how to define and monitor their ‘cybersecurity posture.’ Use our platform with its combined tools and methodology to inform boards of directors and executives about the cybersecurity risk facing you enterprise

Cyber Risk Heatmap

View of inherent cyber risk based on factors like business presence, size, IT environment, and use of vendors. Evaluate the probability and impact of critical risks, establish relationships across controls to see those connections holistically.

Cyber Plan

A detailed cyber management plan that describes the priority and timing of all your cybersecurity initiatives. A system for measuring your short and long-term cybersecurity goals. Delegate tasks and stay apprised at all times of their progress and completion.

A Measuring Stick

Cloud native SaaS with lightning-fast deployment. Intuitive workflows and dashboards – with comprehensive visibility into your cyber GRC posture. Holistic cyber risk view with continuous improvement tracking.

Enterprise Cyber Visiblity

Executive Dashboards provides access to actionable KPIs that help determine the health of your cyber activities. Dashboards also provide one-stop visibility into “Third Party Risk Management” for executives/board.

Third Party Cyber Risk

Vendor assessments provide web-based vendor risk assessments based on vendor data exposure. Vendor relationship risk ranking provide credible risk scoring mechanism for ranking each of your vendor relationships.

Cyber Economics

Track dollars spend on remediation activities based of risk severity. Compare dollars spent versus progress made and measure the effectiveness of cyber spend. Audit trails provides history and actions on each task to increase transparency.

“I have been helping businesses with cybersecurity risk assessments, compliance, and cyber risk mitigation for nearly twenty years. TitanDef is hands down the most effective, efficient, and practical platform I have ever used. TitanDef is granular enough to identify security gaps and prioritize mitigation efforts while also providing overview reporting to engage stakeholders at all levels. TitanDef is the platform that will empower businesses to reduce real-world cyber risk.”

Current ClientMSP CEO

Get ready to start managing your cyber posture.

Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Simplified