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Third Party Risk Management

Are there unknown risks in your supply chain: Business is not done in silos. Partnerships fuel business growth, and vendors are naturally a part of that expansion. Questionnaires frequently flow down to third parties from customers and umbrella organizations, and standardization is necessary, especially at scale, to identify unknown risks.


Key Features

Manage your third-party risks with our platform features

  • Vendor Relationship
    “Vendor Relationship Risk Ranking”

    Credible risk scoring mechanism for ranking each of your vendor relationshipss

  • Substantiated Evidence
    “Automated Vendor Assessments”

    Automated web-based vendor risk assessments based on vendor risk ranking

  • Plan of Action
    “Vendor Review Cycle Tracking”

    Real-time tracking of the vendor review cycle. One-stop view for all vendors

  • Vendor Exposure Score
    “Vendor Exposure Score”

    Customized vendor exposure score based on number of records and classification of records shared.

  • Vendor Assessment Monitoring
    “Vendor Assessment Monitoring”

    Automated flows to track remediation of vendor security tasks

  • Executive Dashboards
    “Executive Dashboards”

    Dashboards to provide one-stop visibility into "Third-party Risk Management" for executives/board.

Vendor Exposure Scores

Access the risk with each vendor using a standardized process. Answer questions around type of services the vendor provides, breach history, number of records and classification of records shared to obtain a "vendor exposure score".