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Small/ Medium Sized Businesses

TitanDef allows small and medium sizes businesses to create a cyber security program "fit to size" and customize cyber efforts to meet their unique needs. Rather than cumbersome frameworks and a long list of confusing cyber requirements, our platform provides a tailored step-by-step approach to secure your business from cyber risks.

Risk Appetite
Risk Management

Identify, assess, and prioritize cybersecurity risks, developing strategies for risk mitigation.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings and Efficiency

Identify and address cybersecurity risks early, preventing costly breaches. Streamline processes and improve efficiency through automation.


Non- Profit

TitanDef allows non-for-profits to assess their cyber risks to protect donor and payment information.

Nonprofits benefit from using TitanDef in the following ways

Enhanced Security Governance

Establish effective governance structures and processes for cybersecurity, promoting security awareness and compliance.

Compliance with Regulations & Standards

Ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations through policies, procedures, and controls.

Stakeholder Trust & Donor Confidence

Build trust among donors, partners, andbeneficiaries, leading to increased support and partnerships.

Safeguarding Data Lifecycle

Understand and manage data throughout its lifecycle, including identifying critical data sets, tracking data sharing, and assessing exposure to loss or breaches

Protecting Donor Data

Safeguard donor data by assessing risks, implementing controls, and ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Critical Data Sets and Third-Party Ris

Identify critical data sets, understand data sharing practices, and assess risks associated with third-party involvement.

In summary, TitanDef helps nonprofits establish effective security governance, manage risks, ensure compliance, build stakeholder trust, safeguard data, protect donor data, mitigate third-party risks, and achieve cost savings.

Group 39539


TitanDef provides banks and fintech firms with a cost-effective, unified platform to manage controls across the FFIEC framework and a dashboard that lets CISOs monitor key performance indicators for compliance and IT security efforts.

TitanDef helps financial institutions defends themselves from the barrage of cyberattacks. TitanDef can help your bank or a FINRA registrant to select a managed cybersecurity plan that is specific to your business and manage your FFIEC/FINRA compliance all under one system.

Supplement your internal cyber team with TitanDef to

  • Protect financial data and applications from increased cyberattacks with ongoing assessments.
  • Prevent costly financial data breaches and boost regulatory compliance and cyber security governance with our platform.
  • Build trust among donors, partners, and beneficiaries, leading to increased support and partnerships.
  • Identify critical data sets, understand data sharing practices, and assess risks associated with third-party involvement.

Managed Service Provider

Onboard and manage multiple clients from a central dashboard. Follow common cyber security standards and practices across all clients. Contact us to become a channel partner.

Granular User Access Control

Assign employees to various client accounts and have the ability to provide granular access controls at the individual client level.

Cyber Assessment for Clients

Conduct one-time security assessments for clients using the platform; provide a report including risk ranking, security posture, and recommendations.