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Cyber Risk Management

Prioritize your risks by analyzing impact : Our platform provides ongoing risk management capabilities to identify, assess, and respond to cyber risks specific to your organization. Estimate the likelihood and potential impact of cyber risks and then determine the best approach to deal with the risks: avoid, transfer, accept, or mitigate.

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Our platform includes

Inherent Cyber Risk

View of inherent cyber risk based on factors like business presence, size, IT environment, and use of vendors

Risk Management

Cyber risk management capabilities include actionable insights into your company's risk categories, vectors, and controls.

Risk Evaluation

Evaluate the probability and impact of critical risks and establish relationships across controls to see those connections holistically.

Risk Heatmap

Unified view of cyber risk using our Risk Heatmap

Risk Reporting

Reporting dashboards and heatmaps to generate risk reports by severity

Risk Mitigation

Use workflows for accepting, transferring, remediating, and avoiding risk