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Cyber Plan of Action

Simple to collaborate, incredibly efficient : "Unified View" dashboards show where your organization fails to comply and how to fill those gaps in order of urgency and severity. Task management allows you and your managers to assign and tag each task and effortlessly track progress to completion. Our simple and intuitive interfacegives you the global view you need to manage your compliance program effectively.You can see completed tasks, open items with progress toward completion, reviewer hierarchies and status, and pending deadlines. It's all at your fingertips and readily accessible. Reports are updated in real-time, giving you the information you need when needed.


Our platform includes

“Task Tagging”

Delegate risk-management tasks and stay apprised at all times of their progress and completion.

“Audit Trail”

Provides history and actions on each task to increase transparency

“Manager Cyber Spend”

Track dollars spend on remediation activities by risk severity. Track dollars spent versus progress made and measure the effectiveness of cyber spending on taking down cyber risk.

“Centralized Dashboards”

Provides access to actionable KPIs that help determine the health of your cyber activities

“Intuitive User Interface”

Allows "relational visibility" between controls, risks, and tasks, and easy-to-use remediation tracking workflow

Cyber Plan of Action